Bazelle web development

About Us

Bazelle Limited specialises in websites for small to medium-sized companies and individuals, including e-commerce and database driven sites. We've made and worked on sites in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Silverstripe... pretty much everything in fact. As well as building and troubleshooting, we offer design, hosting and full content services. We're experts in content provision for online and digital projects - particularly information architecture, accessibility, usability, SEO and general editing for web. 

Our designers have worked for major companies in on and offline campaigns, with clients such as Cadbury's, Sony, BT and Volkswagen on their portfolios. Our developers have worked for UK Government agencies, the Metropolitan Police and a host of blue-chip companies. In development we prefer to work with open-source technologies including PHP and MySQL and can offer expertise in CSS, XML and most major programming languages.

How we work

Bazelle is a collective of designers and developers and is managed by Tom Adams, a website editor, manager and developer with twelve years experience in online publishing and website management.

Tom has worked in varying degrees and under titles such as web editor, content manager, developer and web producer for large organisations such as the Government Digital Service, London Borough of Camden, the European Commission, BG Group and EDF Energy. He can do all things that you might require for the front end of your website, including writing, editing, designing and developing.

He specialises in web production and project management for any size of online publishing project, including user experience, information architecture and accessibility. Tom is also a front end developer and works with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, and is a SilverStripe developer and themer. He can and has used all manner of technologies involved in web production - including most CMSs and industry standard packages such as DreamWeaver and PhotoShop CS.

Bazelle's regular partners and associates have worked in UK private and public sector as web editors, web producers, developers and designers. They have special skills in back end technologies, database design and architecture, systems and high-end graphic design.

Together Bazelle can deliver projects of any size for any client - from bespoke public data presentation systems for the energy trading industry to a three-page personal website or blog. Whatever you want, we're worth talking to about it.

Our belief

We really doesn't think that good quality web design and development should cost the earth (if you look carefully, even our logo is made from recycled tins). We also believe that owning a website means you should own it. This means our standard websites all feature the SilverStripe Content Management System, which allows you, the client, to edit your site yourself, so there's no coming back to us when you want to tweak anything...

Unless you want to of course, in which case you're welcome to ask us about our website management packages, website health checks, user experience improvements...

Bazelle is based in East Sheen, South West London and Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.