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EDF Energy - REMIT

EDF Energy approached Bazelle to offer a solution to its need to comply with the REMIT directive 2011, which required them to make available information on energy generation as part of the European Community's regulation of energy trading.

The challenge was to create a solution in an extremely short time frame that allowed 24/7 management and publishing of content to a public website by non-technical staff. The solution had to be lightweight enough for mobile users to be able to log on from remote locations and make updates on the fly as and when.

Because of the sensitivity of the information we had to carefully analyse and map user roles against business requirements - with super users able to administrate access to various parts of the system for minor users and junior account holders. An additional complication was that the information no matter who was contributing to the site should appear in a uniform way - to comply with the strict requirements of presenting the REMIT information in an easy to read and unambiguous format. Additional to that was a content mapping exercise - whereby the system had to ensure as much as possible that erroneous information (or impossible situations regarding the various types of incident that could occur) could be mitigated against, while still offering the flexibility to free report on unforeseen incidents if necessary. And finally the public facing version had to be completely umabiguous and easy to read and use, with transparency of information paramount to meeting the directive.

And all this to be delivered in just two short weeks.

Together with our development partners, Bazelle completed the entire project on time and to budget.

The simple public facing appearance of REMIT now hides a powerful bespoke publishing tool, designed to be easily understood and followed within five minutes for a new user. The JSON publishing environment leads the user through a step-by-step process of filling in extremely simple form fields, and outputting a simple to read prose version of the event being raised. Additionally super users can invent new templates for colleagues to follow, and attach them to locations and/or situations so that a uniform method of presentation for all outcomes is guaranteed. The standalone site fits in seamlessly to EDF's corporate design.

If you have a bespoke web project requiring detailed business analysis to produce an online publishing solution then we would love to hear from you.