Bazelle web development


Drawing on their own experiences of buying property in rural France, the chaps at ForgottenFrance thought that things could be better, and so asked us to help deliver an online solution.

Their site vision was to make it easy for users to search for and find property in localised areas of rural France. We delivered a highly visual solution that allows users multiple ways of fine tuning a search of the forgottenfrance database to their heart's content.

Since then together we've been back to tinker several times, always improving the experience for users, adding video and more visuals; and the chaps at tell us it's all going swimmingly.

Combined with the Silverstripe content management system the forgottenfrance crew can completely manage their own content and it seamlessly feeds into their partner sites without them having to lift a finger.

We launched forgottenfrance's first website in 2006 and gave the whole site a complete overhaul and relaunch in 2012 - with a bigger, brighter feel and brand new logo.

If you want to discuss a logo design, or have a property website that needs some renovation then contact us for a chat.