Bazelle web development

Kristina Goes West

Kristina Goes West is a fashion label selling the latest designer clothing and accessories from Eastern Europe.

With an online shop featuring some killer clothing the design was paramount, but had to be combined with an easy to use customer journey taking them through the process from browsing to product selection and payment. We took the draft designs and turned them into a living, breathing e-commerce presence.

Integrating the free to use PayPal payment gateway the site was up and running without breaking the bank. We managed to get the whole thing done under the budget of £2400 - which isn't bad to start an online fashion business.

After a successful first year of operation the site has relaunched using the Volusion e-commerce platform, and KGW asked Bazelle for help with the site set-up and design tweaks to the Volusion template - with which we were more than happy to get involved. The site is flying and will soon be accompanied by a pop-up shop in Central London.

If you would like to develop an online shop, or need help with an existing e-commerce project in Volusion or Magento then drop us a line.