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Natural Explorer

Natural Explorer is the home of Kevin Morgan, a naturalist and professional speaker.

Kevin came to us wanting an online presence where he could showcase his experience and images. Importantly he wanted a simple, lightweight design that he could populate with his own content and various pieces of writing and projects. We've developed the site alongside Kevin, and now it features a full content management system powered by SilverStripe, allowing full control of the site to be taken by Kevin wherever he is in the world - and that can seriously be anywhere.

Kevin's enthusiasm for the natural world had made him famous on the professional speaking circuit in his area of expertise. He works around the world on cruise ships and expeditions giving talks and guidance on the natural world, its flora and fauna - really he is one of the most interesting guys you could meet and if you're looking for a guide to nature, a motivational speaker, or someone to simply engage an audience for an hour or two then seriously check out

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